Autoweek recently asked owners of the Chrysler 300C SRT8 to speak their minds about their vehicles, and the response was, shall we say, overwhelmingly positive. Or, perhaps more correctly, it was devoid of negatives, as I don't think this is the sort of crowd that that would typically respond by shouting "My car rulez!!!". The most common complaints were excessive brake dust, a stiff ride, and the long waiting list. I'd expect that the waiting list will disappear over time, but I can see the first two issues being of some concern for the owner of a $45K sedan. They're certainly not the sort of things that'd bother me one bit, though, and that's why I found one tidbit so interesting. Autoweek predicts a five-year depreciation of over $24K on these cars. Does that mean I'll be able to pick one of these up in five years for an inflation-adjusted $20,000? Oh, I can only hope, because that'd be a heck of a deal.

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