A BMW 5-series wagon has long been my idea of something I'd buy if there weren't a whole lot of other "real world" non-automotive costs tugging on my wallet every month (you know, stuff like mortgage payments). It's fast, handles well, is available with a manual gearbox, and has an incredibly high utility value. But an M5 wagon? Whoa - I'm not sure I can even handle the thought of a wagon with a 8000 RPM redline. The rear suspension differs from the sedan for obvious cargo-related reasons and there's a load-leveling setup to help with its newfound grocery-getter responsibilities, but otherwise the M flavor comes through intact. No word yet on what transmission will be available; if the SMG can be refined, it'd be the ultimate choice for vehicle with such strong dual personalities. As BMW states, "there is a feeling an M5 Sports Wagon could do well" from a sales perspective. Well, yea.

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