Hummer H3 2006 250You may call it grassroots investigative journalism. The Mess That Greenspan Made, a blog from an industrious Southern Californian, had heard that their local Hummer dealership was hiding Hummers off-site. Now, you could look at this many ways. TMTGM believes that this is a tactic to avoid 'panicking customers', which is one explanation. The other explanation is they simply aren't selling and they have excess inventory, and we imagine the available lot space at the dealer isn't that expansive. Regardless, it is funny and sad to see hundreds of H1s, H2s, and H3s languishing at previous undisclosed locations. Rows and rows of these sport utilites are just sitting at off-site parking lots waiting to find a buyer. This story is hilarious and the photographs are even funnier. Go check it out, and we tip our hat to them for their fine sleuthing.

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