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The Wingroad Preview is the second vehicle from Nissan we have on tap for today and the company says it will be put into production later this year. The big feature of this wagon/MPV-type vehicle is its rear seat that slides for and aft to either increase legroom or cargo space at will. The configurable interior also features a small third-row bench seat that resides under the rear floor and faces the back, good for sitting down and tying your shoe laces before a long hike. The Wingroad Preview has also been designed for an active lifestyle with water-resistant seat covers, a washable luggage board and a large-capacity underfloor luggage box that can be removed and washed. With popularity of multi-purpose vehicles like the HHR and Mazda5 on the rise, the Wingroad may have an audience outside of Japan, as well.

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Nissan Wingroad PreviewNissan Wingroad PreviewNissan Wingroad Preview

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