...and houses, and boats, and clothes, and jewelry, and generally living pretty large. Russia's new high society, who for the most part put themselves in the right place at the right time when the Iron Curtian fell, is dropping a huge chunk of change on vehicles worthy of their status.
From the St. Petersburg Times: "I would like to add [a Lamborghini Murcielago] to my collection," said the beaming businessman, who only gave his name as Vladimir. "I never thought about owning such cars growing up in the Soviet Union. ... Now that we see how the rest of the world lives, we want the same standard of luxury too." Yes, Vlad, everybody drives a Lambo after they've parked their Camrys in the garage for the weekend.

The article goes on to explain that now that an increasing number of people can buy BMWs and Mercedes, the super-rich are going for ultra-exclusive — Bentleys and Lamborghinis are just the beginning.

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