Nitto has introduced yet another tire for enthusiasts, this time bringing a sticky tread compound to a relatively affordable dry-use track tire. The NT01 is a DOT-approved street-legal tire, but one can't really recommend that it be used for any sort of regular street use due to the effects of heat cycling and tread wear. Serious users will likely have the tread shaved down from the as-molded 6/32ths depth, anyways. Popular Hot Rodding tried a set out on their '76 Z/28 Pro Touring car and unfortunately found that the tire's limits were well beyond where they were willing to push the car. Regardless, it sounds like the tire will fit the bill if you're looking for something inexpensive for autocrossing or open track days. It's made in the USA, as well. All of this means that it'll be on the short list of tires that I'm considering purchasing for my Impala SS next spring.

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