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And they liked it… a lot. Honda invited the Edmunds people to the exclusive Autobahn Country Club's private track to play with an Si, and the ensuing article says a lot. First a fun tidbit of info: the Si's windshield rake is the sharpest of any Honda ever, including the NSX. Speaking of other Honda's, the article continually compares the Si to Acura's RSX Type-S with which it shares many components. For instance, both cars share the basic architecture of Honda's all-aluminum 2.0L four-cylinder, an 11:1 compression ratio and of course the famous i-VTEC valve control system. The Si, however, gets vibration-smoothing balance shafts and a drive-by-wire throttle system. The intake manifold has also been designed to take advantage of the acoustic resonance of the body panels to create a loud and unique sound. Too bad there's no audio in the article. The engine's power has been recalculated according to new SAE standards to achieve 197 horsepower, down from an earlier claim of 200. The RSX Type-S, which costs between $3,500 and $5,000 more, produces 201 horsepower.

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