Talk about a transformation! Honda finally got a clue with their Honda Civic Si, giving the redesigned 2006 all the right stuff. First of all, I tried to love the previous generation Civic Si, but North American customers got the worst end of the deal. We did not get the high powered Civic Type R, instead we received the bland 3-door, with a low rev limit, sky high ride height, and uncompetitive MSRP. Even the slightly cheaper Sentra SE-R spec V could wipe the floor with the Civic. Like I said, I tried to love it. They had some killer deals on them too, sometimes offering the Si at invoice just to move them off the lots.

For the 2006 model year, the hatchback is gone and it?s replaced by a sporty coupe. Horsepower is up to 197 at 7800 rpm. That may not be everyone?s cup of tea, but that type of power delivery is just what a Civic Si should be about. Also new for this year is an actual six-speed, with a new short-throw clutch replacing the spongy third pedal of the outgoing Si. The blessings never end, but wait there?s more! Honda is also getting with the program by installing a helical limited slip differential. While the previous Civic Si was a dud, the new Si is finally drool-worthy. So, if the new regular Civic is a little down on power for you, the Si might be just what the doctor ordered. Click through the read link to get more details on the Civic Si?s drive train.

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