We always bitch and moan in the U.S. about great vehicles sold in Europe and elsewhere that aren't available here. Well, we can't bitch and moan that one of the best performance deals on the planet isn't sold here, because it is. The Noble M12 is imported by 1G Racing and is available in all its glory for a maximum price of about $67,000. The Auto Prophet got a ride in one after the Woodward Dream Cruise and has posted on his exhilarating experience.

I actually got to lap Mid-Ohio a few times in an M12 a couple of years ago, and quite frankly fell in love with it. It?s one of the world?s most balanced cars whose performance is on par with Ferraris, Vipers, Vettes and pretty much any other supercar currently available. It?s available only as a partially-assembled kit (rolling chassis less engine) so getting one?s a bit more hassle than buying off the lot, but we think Noble should seriously think about investing the dough to have the M12 properly engineered to U.S. safety and emmissions specs. Hopefully that wouldn?t dilute the fun factor too much. Hmmm? a Noble M12 in the Autoblog Garage? Could happen.

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