When it comes to car development, we are always encouraged when we hear that enthusiasts took part in the design and engineering process. Such is the case with the next Lexus IS. Its chief engineer, Suguya Fukusato, is also a part-time rally driver in Japan. While he has spent most of his time as chief engineer for Toyota's front-wheel drive economy cars, it was his enthusiast background that motivated him to take the Lexus IS in another direction. The acknowledgement that the current IS truly missed the mark for Lexus was also encouraging. We had our concerns about the Lexus IS, but perhaps there still is some shred of hope. Although, we have heard that the driving experience is very techno-heavy, we suspect the new IS is still an extremely capable vehicle. Automotive News reporter Mark Rechtin interviewed Fukusato, you can check out a bit of that at the read link.

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