Rumored for a while, DaimlerChrysler has confirmed its Mercedes-Benz plant in Alabama will build the next-generation G-class (historically called the Gelaendewagen, roughly translating into "all-terrain vehicle"). Where as the current-generation G-wagon is a boxy device that makes a Hummer H2 look sleek in comparison, expect something different for the new version. According to M-B, it will have three rows of seats, and the fact that it is to be build alongside the new M-class and R-class and is said to be "a completely different vehicle" should lend some clues to how it might be built. Specifically, it'll likely be somewhat lower, longer, and wider, and will use unibody construction instead of a body-on-ladder-frame design like the current model. We expect independent suspension to replace the live axles, as well. In other words, don't expect it to look "right" when parked next to a Unimog, but it should do better on a trip to the shopping mall. Consider it the big brother to the ML-class, not its ex-military cousin.

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