BAR-Honda, at the request of sponsor Lucky Strike, has announced their intention to run one of their Formula 1 cars at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The goal is to run a car that's as close to F1 specifications as possible, aside from aerodynamic trim and the addition of required safety gear such as a parachute. The run is planned to take place sometime in October, with one of BAR's junior drivers taking the wheel. The team expects the car will do at least 250 MPH. Bonneville has always been about oddball cars (land speed racing being very accepting of the run-what-cha-brung attitude), so these guys should fit right in. Or maybe not. Regardless, it sounds like a fun way to get some publicity, and hopefully the idea will catch on with teams from other motorsport disciplines. Heck, make a special annual event out of it, with teams from various racing series around the world invited to put on a show.

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