Automobile takes a trip with a new 2006 BMW 325i, and we learn enough to start scheming. So, the review is a good write up of what you get for your $31,000+. You get a capable car that is hard to fault for anything more than its price tag. Alright, maybe the new style isn't your cup of tea, but it could've turned out a lot worse! Plus, the new car is a whole lot larger and more impressive in person than the outgoing model. Well, perhaps you might look at the spec sheet and see the 'measly' 215 hp. I can hear it now, 'why not buy an Infiniti G35?' Needless to say, they're different cars, despite sharing the same luxo-sport sedan segment. Well, if you're set on BMW, the next step up, the 330i, is easily $7,000 more. Well, there is a dirty little secret you should know about. In the past, BMW has attempted to name their models by their engine displacement. It is not always consistent, but it has been pretty close. So, the new 2006 BMW 3-series all have the same 3.0 liter engine. The major difference is in the software that manages the engine. You can imagine that any enterprising BMW owner-turned-tuner can give the 325i the gusto of the 330i for half the price difference. Of course, the warranty would be out the window, but that is how the game is played.

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