2006 <a class=Ford LCF" hspace="4" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/9401853531885153.JPG?0.9612622806414329" width="200" align="right" vspace="4" border="1" />

Ford is entering the small commercial truck market with a new cab-over. Called the LCF, for Low Cab Forward, the new truck is based on the popular SuperDuty line of trucks. The new Ford will have the tightest turning radius of its competition and will feature a new engine. The new truck will offer a 4.5-liter diesel V6. The V6 will produce 200 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque and be mated to a five speed eletronically controlled automatic transmission. The cab forward market is expected to grow from 24,000 units to 40,000 units annually by 2010. Ford's SuperDuty line is already one of the most popular in the Class 1-7 space, and this new entry is opening the range to a new segment of buyers.

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