Ok, so you read about it on Autoblog when we trotted out our feelings on GM's hybrid bus, VW's diesel-electric Golf, and Volvo's 3CC, and you probably just nodded and pretended to understand. Well, now you can really comprehend the awesomeness of the Challenge Bibendum in a specific way by reading this in-depth report presented to you on a virtual platter by your pals at TCC. If you need it broken down all quick-like: the CB is an annual summit sponsored by Michelin (named after Michelin's marshmallowy mascot and held this year in Shanghai) meant to explore alternative-fuel technologies and act as a gathering space for alterna-fuel experts. And it's not just about presenting ideas that would only be practical in some fuel-topia— it's about showing real working examples of alternative-fuel vehicles, like the ones mentioned above.
[Via The Car Connection]

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