This week's Michelin Challenge Bibendum, besides putting GM's hybrid bus into action, will also host Volvo's introduction of its new small car concept, developed from the earlier Tandem prototype. While the Tandem was a vehicle built for two, the car most likely put on one of them fancy rotating platforms in Shanghai will be a three seater, with a 2+1 configuration. It's perfect for bringing a chaperone along on dates. We've also heard mentioned that the car, titled 3CC, will have an electric powertrain and a governed top speed of 85 mph. Volvo plans to increase their sales from the present 460,000 to 600,000 in three or four years, and they see small cars as a major part of their growth strategy.

Edit: more specific info on the 3CC can also be found at Autoindex.

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Volvo 3CC 2
Volvo 3CC 3

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