Nikolai Smolenski, the 24-year old multi-millionaire who purchased TVR a couple of months ago, has made it known that the automaker's annual output will now be 2000 units, twice what it produced last year and near the fever pitch achieved by the boutique British firm in the late 1990s. The model lineup will be temporarily pruned down to the Tamora and T350, thus delaying the introduction of new Sagaris, Tuscan 2 and Typhon vehicles. TVR will now build 500 examples of each model before coming out with a  replacement. Smolenski, a TVR enthusiast since he was a child, also plans to hire 50 new employees, and make TVR even "more British." May I suggest a bristly mustache and plus fours? Really though— props to Nikolai for actually giving a damn about improving the company, instead of just keeping it as a trophy.

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