Motor Trend obviously aims to frustrate domestic motoring enthusiasts nationwide with this comparo of two hopped-up rally monsters that aren't available in the States. Both cars have been overhauled to commemorate rally achievements, and the treatment is thorough: both vehicles are lightened, stiffened, and plied with more power. The Evo's 2.0 liter now makes 342 horsepower, the STi's 316, meaning that both demolish the 60 mph mark in less than 4.5 tickeroos. Both cars, of course, handle like the proverbial dickens, although the Evo as we've all heard countless times feels sharper and a bit more nervous. The STi is slightly more relaxed and refined in all respects, making it the better choice for all around daily driving, and seemingly more worthy of the price hike over a run-of-the-mill STi.

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