I mean, I guess you could, but where would they sit, since the back seat has been taken out? They could possibly apply deathgrips to the bars of the roll cage. And if it's warm out, they'd be complaining nonstop since the RS6 Club Sport has no air conditioning either. And then you'd be forced to listen to that complaining too, since there's no radio available to drown out their various wails. But I suppose you could encourage silence with a subtle feathering of the gas pedal and let the acceleration provided by 580 horsies clamp their mouths shut. This stripped estate gets MTM's Stage Three conversion, creating a zilch to sixty time of 3.7 seconds, and a zippo to a hundred of roughly 8.4. Evo's tester is a purebred Tuner Grand Prix contender, but MTM is contemplating the viability of producing a less extreme version for the street. So wait, tell me again how a big station wagon with no back seat is in any way viable?
Happy Labor Day!

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