Update: The family of the victim of a horrible drunk driving incident is pleading for mercy towards the driver of the car Francis "Frankie" Brohm was hanging out of when he died earlier this week. John Hutcherson, pictured here, hopes the family's efforts pay off since he's facing a $100,000 fine and a vehicular homicide charge. "They don't want to see him in jail," said Brohm family attorney David Lipscomb. "Their position is he needs to be out to receive whatever treatment is necessary, put his life back together."


Original Post: Yesterday a Georgia man ran into a telephone pole guide wire while his friend was leaning out of the passenger side window, and then drove 12 miles home with a headless corpse next to him. Upon arriving home the driver went to sleep in his bloody clothes, leaving the body in the car in his driveway, where a neighbor discovered it the next morning. Police found the driver asleep and visibly drunk, and later recovered his friend's head from the accident site. The men, friends since high school, were drinking at a bar until they left after the victim claimed he felt sick. Police say they do not know why the man was hanging out of the car at the time of the crash, but this author conjectures that, based on their prior location, he was probably vomiting.

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