Simmer down over there, big mouth. There's no reason to get all crazed and exclamatory about this situation, this used-Miata-buiyn'-situation, especially with the kindly folks at Motor Trend around. They're here to help, since as a part of their "Pre-Owned Reviews" section they've hammered out some essential guidelines for those of you looking to pick up a used late-model MX-5. The second generation of the car that basically revived the roadster market sports a 140-hp engine and a more solid feel thanks to a stiffened chassis. What you'll get in a nice example is one of the most satisfying attainable sports cars around, with incredibly sharp handling, a shifter held in the loftiest of regards, and enough convenience features to keep you happy while idling in traffic on your way to work. Minuses would be the lack of practicality (but who buys a Miata to be practical anyway?), a rough ride over imperfect pavement, and relatively weak power output, which you will promptly forget about once you actually start driving.

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