AutoWeek tugs at heart- and pursestrings with its coverage of the F430, which will drop in the spring of 2005 in America. The bodywork has been wholly revised with multiple cues from the Enzo, particularly evident in the taillight cluster. Bumpers and air intakes have been reshaped as well, plus a monstrous rear diffuser has been added. The F430 will compete with the Gallardo, and as such will be equipped with a 4.3 liter V8 generating 483-hp at 8500 rpm, a solid 83-hp improvement over the Modena. 0-60 times have been lowered in the process, to four ticks flat, and top speed has been raised to 196 mph. Ferrari has even made changes to the renowned F1 gearbox to allow for brisker shifting. Pricing is estimated at around $175,000.

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