Apparently, although MTV, VH1 and E! have yet to do specials on it, Missy Elliott's mother has been getting on her daughter's back in regards to her automotive fixation. Misdemeanor's defense: "I am nuts for cars. My mother was just getting on me 'cause I bought three new cars in one year…I bought a scooter, hooked it up with rims, got it painted - and I don't even know how to ride. I spent like $5,600, tried riding it in a parking lot, crashed and never picked it up again." I remember watching a segment on Missy's house on MTV's Cribs, and I seem to recall that Missy's mother lives in one wing of the Elliott mansion. Maybe Missy should toss her mom out of there and really give her something to complain about. And buying three cars in one year sounds pretty meaningless if you're making mad bank as a hip-hop star, unless they're all Ferrari 250 GTOs or you're secretly going bankrupt. Hmmmmm.

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