AI currently owes over $1,700 in parking fines, according to Philadephia's parking authority. The 76ers star has accrued 65 tickets since 2001, totaling $4,500, but he's already taken care of $2,800 worth. The $1,700 can mostly be attributed to four $300 tickets received for leaving his Rolls-Royce Phantom in an airport handicapped spot for a week, forcing the city to tow the car to a different part of the garage. In fact, Iverson's various whips, including an Escalade and a 1999 Benz (which is basically an antique by NBA standards), have been spotted occupying handicapped spaces all around Philly. The star's uncle Greg Iverson was apparently issued a handicapped placard, although details are sketchy regarding the propriety of the issuance, since no one knows what Uncle Greg's handicap actually is.

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