You know the body, and you love it, as evidenced by the runaway success of the 300C, but what about the new heart? It's that ubiquitous Hemi again, but the C's usual 5.7 liters of displacement has been bored out to 6.1 for the SRT-8 application, yielding a mammoth 425-hp and 420 lb./ft. The power gains shocked even the project engineers, and 0-60 times should fall in the "low fives" according to unconfirmed corporate testing. Besides the snarling engine, the SRT-8 will be upgraded in other areas as well. Brakes will be four-piston Brembos, the suspension will be race-tuned and helped out by more substantial 20-inch rubber, the exterior will be augmented with some fascia tomfoolery, and sport seats will keep the driver secure while he or she flings the two tons of luxury fury around in order to make it to the Early Bird Special at the Homestyle Buffet on time. No specific price point has been announced, but conjecture has it that 5000 SRT-8s will be produced yearly.

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