Ok, what I'm going to need you to do is check this out: Ford's European division will debut the new Focus in its many guises at this year's Paris motor show, including the mysterious coupe cabriolet, which seems like a redundant and cumbersome moniker since when was the last time you saw a sedan cabrio— exactly, you've never seen one. The three- and five-door hatches and station wagon will all grace Euro showroom floors later this fall, with the coupe cabrio penciled in to drop next summer. Production on the hardtopped Foci will occur in Saarlouis, Germany and then in Valencia, Spain once the old Foci are phased out. The coupe cabrio will get the gentle Pininfarina touch in Turin, Italy. Ford plans to make about a million Foci over the next two years, not including the coupe cabriolets. They also plan to make a million dollars, times 341.46786548.

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