Well, kind of. While the boys in Ingolstadt never cranked out an official RS4 sedan (all previous-generation B5 RS4s were Avants), one enthusiast made it his very expensive business to take an S4 sedan and work it over completely, whereby it now holds some kind of mythical quasi-RS4 status. Job one was to stock S4 engine and replace each piece with parts from the German tuner MTM and with components from the OEM RS4 powerplant; its output is now a breathtaking 470-hp. Mov'it supplied the brakes, and H&R did the extensive suspension work. Three (count' em) sets of BBS wheels provide footwear for every occasion, from driving to the store to taking hot laps at Hockenheim. A bodywork conversion package was added, and much of the interior was yanked straight from the RS4's parts bin. Now that the project is complete and the car can hit 60 mph in about four seconds, it's for sale through Autoweek, for 89,000 euros.

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