The Tucson is Hyundai's attempt at producing an entry-level small SUV that just barely gets the job done by neither succeeding nor failing in any obvious way; it merely gets by with a plasticky interior that is well-assembled, underwhelming engine choices that are hampered by an indecisive automatic transmission, and a hefty weight that while giving a substantial overall feel makes for a spiritless driving experience. The AWD system is capable enough to tackle the most unrefined mall parking lots and safety features are up to snuff with side and curtain airbags. The base four-banger Tucson starts at $17,000, and V6ers begin around $22K, making a completely kitted-out Toyota RAV4 seem like a screaming deal at $20,000.

?a??Ÿ%Ÿ%hile behind the wheel, and Caterham has anticipated this issue by including a required driver's school event in the price. The £20,000 tag certainly doesn't put it in the range of most young people, but with a finance deal measuring out £299.95 monthly payments including insurance, it's easier than ever to get new drivers into more car than they can handle.

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