It seems like almost every company operating in the UK today has some kind of free insurance incentive deal working to help small car owners defray the high cost of ownership. And Caterham, the prestigious British marque known for its stripped-down racers, is following suit with the Seven Sprint. The roadster is basically a Seven Classic enhanced with parts from Caterham's Superlight line, with a deceiving 105-hp engine that can propel the extremely light chassis to 60 in 6.5 seconds and near-excessive amounts of road feedback and handling sensitivity, making the Sprint fun to pilot at any speed. Seeing as the Sprint is cycloptically-focused on being a true, pure sports car, it's no difficult task to send yourself into the weeds while behind the wheel, and Caterham has anticipated this issue by including a required driver's school event in the price. The £20,000 tag certainly doesn't put it in the range of most young people, but with a finance deal measuring out £299.95 monthly payments including insurance, it's easier than ever to get new drivers into more car than they can handle.

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