The 2004 Toyota RAV4 has secured a rare double victory in recent front and side crash simulations performed by the insurance industry, giving it a vaunted "best pick" designation for both tests. However, it should be noted that side-impact safety is wholly dependent on the RAV4's side airbag spec. That is to say, if it has them, it's safe, but without side bags, the RAV4 received the lowest rating in the test. Hopefully the results will encourage car manufacturers to make side airbags standard equipment. The 2005 Subaru Legacy also garnered a "best pick" nomination in the frontal crash test, but it only achieved the second-lowest rating for side collisions, even though its side airbags are standard. So if you're lusting after of those new Legacies, keep in mind that getting T-boned in one is not an option. Because you will get real smashed.

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