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144This Or That: 1980 Oldsmobile 442 vs. 1989 BMW 635CSi [w/poll]

Which $10,000 Coupe From The '80s Would You Choose?

The last time I roped a coworker into an automotive debate, I lost. Resoundingly, I might add. Still, 2,385 voters chose to cast their lots for the Fiat 500 Abarth, as opposed to 5,273 choosing the Ford Fiesta ST, and so I can rest easy in the knowledge that at least 30 percent of you, dear readers, see things my way. I still like to think we have more fun, too.

49Five reasons to love, or hate, the culture of American cars

As enthusiasts, we love cars from all parts of the world. Whether they be supercars from Italy, luxury sedans from Germany or tiny urban runabouts from Japan, as long as they're interesting and well-designed for their intended purpose, we're location-agnostic when it comes to picking favorites.

188This Or That: Fiat 500 Abarth vs. Ford Fiesta ST [w/poll]

Which Hot Hatch Is Best? We Argue It Out...

They're pretty darn similar. And yet our views are oh so different.

132Why car dealerships are turning into coffee shops

I want my dealer to know about cars not coffee, someone who knows the difference between a Buick and a barista.

38Automakers need to stop stalking celebrities

Since the invention of the automobile, cars and stars have gone together like paparazzi and the Kardashians.

183Never mind the naysayers; Lincoln is worth saving

In the case of Henry Leland, naming his new car brand after the first President he cast a vote for in 1864 seemed a jolly good idea, on paper.

42Why Ford's Alan Mulally would be right for Microsoft, or any company [UPDATE]

That Mulally was seriously being considered says a great deal about Microsoft and Mulally.

88Home, James? Are you ready for autonomous cars? [w/poll]

"Autonomous vehicles are an important step on the way to accident-free driving."

100Is NHTSA out of control?

Recent Rises in Recall Numbers A Cause For Alarm

72Cadillac, Buick and Chevy decisions impacted by worries abroad

European Concerns Drive GM, But Beware Of The French Connection

231CO2 credits: The ultimate rebate?

Time For Buyers To Have Some Skin In The EV Game

55Qoros could finally be the Chinese brand to fear in the west

Can Qoros Make A Difference Outside The Walls Of China?

6Spyker: It's not just about numbers

A Compelling Story Counts As Much As Performance

406Lincoln needs a farewell address, not a new marketing plan

The trouble with Ford's Lincoln brand is that no one cares about it any more.

29Going high-tech, the 4x4 way

Is It An Off-Road Adventure Or Just A Walk In The Park?

68Analyzing De Nyscchen's 25-year comeback plan for Infiniti

"It took us 25 years to bring Audi back in the US. This kind of thing takes a long time."

71Mazda has right mix to chase 120,000 more US sales

The Mazda MX-5 Miata was named to Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best list for the eighth year in a row and for the fourteenth time overall. The CX-5 tops or comes in as runner-up on every AOL Autos staff poll we take on compact crossovers. The Mazda3 is a perennial favorite among auto critics. That's three clear, unquestioned winners in the Mazda showroom. So, why does Mazda seem to struggle sometimes for recognition and clarity in the marketplace?

47Postmortem: Maybach meets its maker

Why Daimler's Ultra-Luxe Brand Couldn't Compete With Bentley And Rolls

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