• Dec 4th 2007 at 9:33AM
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Lamborghini's pushing to ring up 3,000 sales per year, about 500 more than they currently move. Were they to drop a new Miura, revived LM002, or some other new model, they'd likely reach that target without any problem. Lambo Capo Rupert Stadler isn't in favor of spending the considerable development dollars it would take to bring a new model to market. Before coming out with a new car, it's more prudent for Lamborghini to sell its capacity of Murcielagos and Gallardos first.

So, if you're not coming out with a new car, but you want to move more units, what's an automaker to do? We somehow doubt that LP640s and Reventons will be showing up in rental fleets, and there's no such thing as incentives when it comes to supercars, so that strategy's out, too. Extra-special editions of the already special Italian cars, like the Murcielago SV and Superleggera versions of both vehicles should entice more buyers to pony up. If that doesn't work, they could always have a "push, pull or tow" event.

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      There is a "fleet sales" market for Lambo if they just market direct to music companies and their rap video market.

      The production companies that make the videos are just renting the same five cars over and over from a local specialty lot.

      Lambo just deal directly with the music companies - that'll be 500+ cars a year worldwide.

      P.S. Make a big coupe or bring back that crazy SUV from the 80s.
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      They don't say where they expect the extra volume to come from. Since part of the appeal is exclusivity, they may have to increase their sales in places like Russia and even China.

      There's a good chance that Porsche is already making its influence felt here, by insisting on improved capacity utilization (i.e. higher margins). Mad Lambos and sensible Porsches appeal to very different customers, so I doubt this is a veiled attempt to keep Lambo small.

      Remember, both Porsche and Lamborghini have suffered financial crises in the past. With the dollar sliding, the subprime mortgage mess going into round 2 and the power structure at VW AG about to be shaken up by Porsche, it's probably wise to husband R&D resources in supercar development for a while.
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      Gifts from Santa, anyone? :)
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      How about a rear drive Gallardo?
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      Buy one, get one for half-price? =]
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      Crazy V10 motorbikes anyone? ;P