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Presidential candidates are expected to have a position on the subsidies provided in the production of corn-based ethanol. With 41 percent of America's corn crop going into making the oil-alternative, it's an issue that's very important to both farmers and the biofuel industry. However, with many Republican voters deeply concerned about government spending, farm subsidies can be a tough sell these days and finding the right position isn't easy. Coming out against these subsidies was considered a

Although we haven't spoken too much about tractors, I think it's good to know that green technologies are improving these vehicles. Take this example, German tractor manufacturer Fendt has announced that its new lineup of Vario tractors which reach the Com III emission standards which come in effect next year. Not only does it improve emissions, but consumption. Fendt has installed a system which makes exhaust gases recirculate back to the combustion chamber. A new CVT-like transmission system a

Agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere has expanded the biofuels content on its website to provide detailed information to its customers, including a ten page white paper. Designed the clarify John Deere's position on the matter, the white paper has the following to say about biofuels:

New Holland, an agricultural equipment manufacturer, announced today it supports the use of biodiesel blends up to 20% (B20) throughout Europe on all current production equipment with CNH engines. Fiat Powertrain, which develops and builds the CNH engine, is in the process of an intensive testing program to evaluate the performance and reliability of engines with higher biodiesel blends. To allow the engines to run reliably on higher biodiesel blends, customers will have to purchase an additiona