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Wrong whoever wrote this article

2007-11-03 09:40:01

FIRST OF ALL 80 PERCENT OF THE ECONOLINES are used for Airport service, Ambulance and most Cargo vans in the country. Number 2 the most used is the E-350. Ambulances are not e-150, As a matter fact there are hardly any 150's on the road. I am on my fourth E-350 and would never touch anything else. Your article knocks american manufactures and american jobs...LEARN a little more about the Econoline....The best van in the world and the number one car sold in Europe is the Mustang....

2008 Ford E-150

Love my '00 conversion van..Looking for a new one

2007-08-30 12:08:53

This van has taken us towing our camper from Labrador down Baja to Cabo and from Key West to Vancouver Island with no breakdowns. The 5.4 engine averages @10mpg towing and 17-20mpg unloaded. It has much better performance than the Chevy 350 we had previously.

We are shopping for a new one just like it only because it's almost 8 years old but are havng trouble finding one. The few conversion businesses left will build one in the overpriced $50K range that could buy a full fledged motorhome. It is a shame Ford does not offer a rear seat/bed and opening screened windows as options. They are really missing the boat.

2000 Ford E-150

Review of 2006 Ford E-150

2007-08-15 07:36:15

2006 Ford E-150

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