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4.5 out of 5


2009-03-04 12:34:34

This is by far the best car I have ever owned. My previous car was a 2002 VW Jetta, and that car can't compare to the quality or performance of the Rabbit. I also love the amount of options it includes. This is a car for everyone, upper or middle class. I expect this car to last me at least 10 years with no real problems. Thank you Volkswagon for keeping all economic classes in mind when designing this car. Shane Temple

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit

Best small car of the 20 on the list.

2009-02-03 10:28:46

This car has more features for the money than any other car in the market. Love the breaking systems the suspension, the interior space and lighting. This car is also very fast and has the best 5 speed transmission that compares to a rally car like the evo 8. I love my car, thank you volkswagen for the free oil changes and maintanance free that you have to pay if you buy the other cars. thank you. Richard,L

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit

Gas Milage

2008-12-31 21:29:31

The reason it is not on my shopping list is that it was not engineered for $4.00 gasoline which will return. 29 MPG will not cut it! Noisy 5 Cyl engine has got to go! Bring back the four!

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit

2009 Rabbit is a fun-to-drive winner

2008-11-04 18:04:56

I don't think I've ever seen an "entry" level vehicle with so much content. Electronic stability control, wheel slip control (ASR), ABS, 4 wheel disc brakes, cruise control, PW, PS. Drive by wire throttle, electro-mechanical steering, tire pressure sensors. But, the controls are the strongest feature. Steering feel, first rate manual 5 spd shifter. All the knobs and switches are first rate, easy to find and use. The turn signal blinker makes a wonderful quality click-click, click-click. Suspension-wise, I'd say the shock calibration is a bit "abrupt" but, on the other hand, has excellent control - fun to drive. Probably the weakest point is the rather sharp impact feel and boom. Not an ideal suspension calibration for Detroit's deteriorating road system. Also, a good deal of road noise on coarse surfaces (we have plenty of that). Very good on normal surfaces, however. But, overall, a jewel of a car to drive. Precise, connected, satisfying. Silky smooth, capable 5 cyl, 2.5 litre engine. Easily superior to the current Honda Civic coupe which is the same $$ but not well integrated in terms of chassis and steering and is underpowered. This is a lot of value for the sports car minded driver. FUN! All around "real world" fuel economy 25-28 mpg. Way to go VW engineers, you get it.

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit

Awseome car for the money!

2008-09-21 08:00:56

I have had my VW Rabbit since June 2007 and I am still loveing everytime I crank it up. VW has really made this car fun to drive and to own. A lot of people comment on how VWs are not made well, not so with mine. It is now approaching 30K miles and never one issue. It drives great and gas mileage is good (though I tend to want to drive fast in it, and be warned, with the 6speed DSG transmission, it is so smooth you will catch yourself speeding quite often!) I bought the 4 door in United Gray and love the interior. It is more like an Audi than an small economical car, but this has always been VW's forte. Seats in front are good, but I have had a passenger or two clain the rear seats were just a little too firm over the long haul. I don't know since I have never sat back there, so that is why I give interior comfort 4 stars instead of five... but that has been the only complaint... Performance and handling is great! Very sporting drive and very fun in the twisties for the cars in this class. MUCH MORE FUN THAN A COROLLA! And I love the hatch because I was able to bring home a 46" FLat Screen with rear seats down with no issue. The salesman said "are you sure it will fit??" I had a doubt for a moment, but to my chagrin, it slid righ in!! And I have a lot of people where I live ask me about it, I guess cause it does look different from most mainstream sedans, and everyone I have shown it too is suprised by interior quality. They have all said that. I highly recommend anyone that is interested in a new economical, fun car to give the Rabbit a test drive!!

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit

I love my bunny

2008-08-11 11:05:41

I got a 2009 Rabbit about two weeks ago and absolutely love ******* small yet spacious on the inside. And it really has some get up and go especially in the sport mode. The iPod jack in the center piece is really nice for my dull commute in the mornings and on my way back. Its cute and great buy.

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit

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