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5.0 out of 5

121,000 Miles and going strong.

2009-06-14 17:06:07

I bought my RSX April 3 2003. It's been the best car I've owned out of 7 I've owned (all american). What sets the RSX apart is that with regular maintenance the car can be a true workhorse. I've accumulated 121k miles and it still goes strong. Only recently have I had to have any major repairs. Yes 6 years before needing an AC compressor, starter, and clutch replaced. Only can I give the Saturn I owned such credit. The two Pontiacs, Ford, Chevy, and Plymouth all had constant issues and I spent more time in service than driving. My RSX though, wow, four accidents (two major) and you couldn't tell. It drives like the day I bought it. The car is tough for a small sports car. I've done most things with this car that shouldn't be done and it was not designed for. I've moved a majority of an apartment three times. Even loaded it up and moved from Florida to Texas. The gas mileage is great, when others were complaining about $4 a gallon gas, I just reduced my highway speed by 10mph and squeaked out an average of 35mpg. As far as the interior goes it's well laid out, everything is within easy reach. My only complaint has always been the seat comfort on long trips. Combined with a rough ride (since it's a sports car) it can be grueling on a road trip. The 15 hour drive from Tampa to Houston was rough but it could've been worse. Overall I love this car to death and plan on keeping it til it has no more to give.

2003 Acura RSX

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