The Chinese automaker Great Wall is eager to fill the void in Mexican automotive manufacturing after Ford canceled its $1.6 billion investment in San Luis Potosi, and after HVAC system specialist Carrier realigned its earlier production plans in Nuevo Leon, northern Mexico.

According to Reuters' reporting, representatives from Great Wall Motor have met with two of Mexico's railroad companies, presumably to evaluate logistics between San Luis Potosi and Nuevo Leon. Reuters says a source mentioned Great Wall as having negotiated directly with the Nuevo Leon government; Nuevo Leon, the capital of which is Monterrey, is close to the Texas border. San Luis Potosi is its southern neighbor.

Reuters quotes a Great Wall Motor executive as saying there have been plans to build cars in the United States as well, but any specific location has not been named; the choice between producing cars in the United States and producing them in Mexico would depend of future trade relations between the U.S, Mexico, and China. Another source says the cars made in Mexico would be manufactured for both the U.S. and Mexico markets, in a plant worth $500 million, producing 250,000 vehicles yearly. Great Wall would not be the first Chinese automaker to invest in Mexico, as JAC Motor unveiled plans in February to build a plant in Hidalgo, in central Mexico.

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