A million Mercedes-Benz models recalled for fire risk

A total of 51 fires have been reported worldwide.

Daimler will recall a million Mercedes-Benz models after 51 fires were reported around the globe due to a defective fuse. A total of 307,629 of those recalled models and 30 of those fires were reported in the United States. Cars on dealer lots that are not yet in the hands of customers "will not be sold until they can be outfitted with the additional fuse," a Mercedes-Benz spokesman told Automotive News.

The fires apparently take place after numerous failed attempts to start a vehicle. A current limiter in the starter motor can overheat and melt, thereby causing a fire. According to Mercedes, this issue only prevents itself on vehicles that had previously had engine or transmission damage serious enough that the starter motor couldn't turn the engine over.

Affected models include the CLA-, C-, and E-Class sedans, and GLA- and GLC-Class crossovers. Click here for a PDF with all the details from Mercedes. If you own one of the affected vehicles, expect to be notified once in late March, and again when parts become available in July.

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