As it happens, "stock car" racing began relatively humbly in the early part of the 20th century with completely stock off-the-lot cars. In fact, many racers would even drive their stock cars to the events themselves. Ah, the good 'ol days.

Nowadays however, these stock cars are, well... not so "stock," and they resemble their showroom counterparts in name and relative shape only. As a result, they're not street legal—a painful pill for the world's deep-pocketed stock car fans to swallow. This one, however, is.

Admittedly, this #5 Mark Martin Carquest stock car isn't a retired NASCAR race chassis that was rehabbed for street duties. Instead, it's a meticulously custom-built road car based on a NASCAR-style tube frame chassis, and the end result of over $100,000 invested and 2,000 man hours of build time.

Like it? The build was completed in 2008, but now the firm behind the project—Jeffery's Custom Conversions—is selling its road legal race car, and for just $69,000. Decisions, decisions.

Like its track-only cousins, this Impala SS is one fast, fast car. Under the hood lurks a General Motors ZZ383 crate engine, which summons up 460 horsepower. In a standard muscle car, that would make it quick, but considering this tube frame stock car weighs just 3,100 pounds... those ponies go a long way.

Putting that power to the ground is a Tremec five-speed manual gearbox, a Ram pickup truck clutch, and a locking Ford nine-inch rear axle. Goodyear street tires ensure that power reaches the ground.

Seeing as this is a road car (and roads tend to be bumpy), the build crew softened the car's typically racy suspension up quite a bit, modifying it with Air-Ride air bags for more comfort. Further comfort items include Vintage Air air-conditioning, sun visors, a Kenwood stereo, four racing bucket seats (with safety harnesses) and oh yes, even doors! No slide-in window entry needed here.

Inside, things are typically race car spartan, though you do get a carpet, some cleanly styled gauges, as well as an exhaust toggle switch. Flip the switch one way to go quiet, flip it the other way to unleash a torrent of sound waves from the racing-spec exhaust.

According to the listing, when the car was newly built it was leased to Optima Batteries for a year-long tour of US events and trade shows, culminating in a spot at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, which explains the "Optima" racing livery pictured above.

Now however, it's looking for a new home, and it's safe to say your neighbors won't have one of these. That is, unless you live next to Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Brad Keselowski...

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