For most of the world, the Prius comes first to mind when listing Toyota hybrids. For India, though, it'll be the Camry. The Japanese automaker started making a gas-powered version of the mid-sized sedan in the country last year and is now about to start producing what will be the first India-manufactured hybrid at its factory near Bangalore, The Hindu reports. Toyota imported Camrys to India for a decade before starting to produce them there, and the country will now become the ninth where Toyota builds hybrids. Toyota started talking India hybrids in 2010 with a gas-electric version of the Etios subcompact.

Just as impressive as the number of countries producing Toyota hybrids is the sheer range of Toyota hybrids, whose models now number 23, reports Forbes. Toyota, which recently showed off the models at a press event in Detroit, says another 15 Toyota hybrids will be either introduced or upgraded within the next three years. Toyota, which is also working on green-car technology advances such as fuel-cell drivetrains and cordless induction charging systems, estimates that about one in six Toyotas sold in the US are hybrids, up from one in 10 five years ago.

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