By now, you should know it takes quite a machine to get Chris Harris excited. The guy spends plenty of time being nonplussed by a bevy of lustworthy hardware. But the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series seems to have done the impossible by getting under his skin. The ultra-exclusive, circuit-bred version of everyone's favorite gullwing features a wider track, substantially less weight, a revised engine and carbon ceramic brakes. With 630 horsepower on hand, the monster has no trouble dispatching the straights and corners of France's Paul Ricard with prejudice.

Harris turns two laps in the latest Mercedes-Benz monster, one with the intent of going as quickly as possible and the second with the aim of hanging the tail out past Jupiter. Seems like he succeeds at both goals. you can check out his hijinks in the video below for yourself. Set your jealousy to stun.

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