With most news stories that pertain to driving centered on themes like road rage, drunk driving, distracted driving, driving fatalities, etc. it's easy to feel a little discouraged about the state of our experience on the road. Are all people out there just jerks when they're behind the wheel?

Fortunately, the answer to that question is no, and we have some dashcam footage to prove it.

In the video above, found initially by autoevolution.com, we see some cars idling at a stoplight. A Russian gentlemen gets out of his car, walks up to the vehicle in front of him and, just as we're expecting the worst to happen, he brushes the snow off its taillights.

Clearly, the Russian gentleman was concerned about the safety implications of snow-covered taillights, which would have made it very difficult for other drivers to know when this vehicle was slowing down. As the roads were most likely slick with fresh snow when this video was taken, it's very possible that this guy saved an accident from occurring.

We have to admit that we were surprised to see such a neighborly thing occur considering how most of the dashcam footage we see consists of fights, accidents, car theft and, of course, deadly meteors.

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