By now, you've probably gathered we have a soft spot for clever Lego creations. And, if you've been paying attention, you likely know we love remote-controlled gadgets more than some of our own relatives, so combining the two is a surefire way to grab our attention. Throw in a little homage to tacky television, and we're all yours. Such is the case with this wicked R/C Lego A-Team van. Capable of tackling tricky slaloms and bringing plans together, the little van is one Mr. T away from pitying a fool.

Unlike the R/C Lego Tumbler we saw not too long ago, this A-Team van seems more than capable of holding together long enough to have some fun. You can check out a video of the van whipping around the builder's living room below. Be sure to watch the video below all the way through the end to put an eyeball on the steering and propulsion systems. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have reruns to watch.

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