Every once in a long spell, we get an email asking how an ambitious young writer can work his or her way into the automotive sphere. The answer is always the same: work harder. Work harder than you ever have in your entire life. Work harder than anyone else around you. Sacrifice your time, your happiness and monetary gain just to work harder. Abandon your notions of fairness. They will only slow you down. Never fool yourself into thinking your hard work entitles you to anything. It does not. It only prepares you to work harder.

Of course, these lessons apply to more than just babbling about cars day in and day out. Just ask the guys of Formula Drift. We're not talking about big names like Tanner Foust, Vaughn Gittin Jr. or Sam Hubinette. No, those guys have made it. They're living or have lived the life of sponsorship deals and rampant success. For the rest of the field, making it to the next event means scraping pennies, taking crap jobs and yes, lots of hard work. Check out the awesome video below by 1Kind Studio to see what we mean.

1Kind Studio | "All Or Nothing" | Formula Drift from 1Kind Studio on Vimeo.

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