Well, now we've seen everything. Meet Hangover Heaven: A bus service offering hydrating, vitamin-enriched IVs that will apparently take you from "I feel like death" to "Let's do some shots!" in a scant 45 minutes. Where can you find this rolling cure-all? Las Vegas, of course.

Assuming you make it back to your hotel after a long night of partying hard on the Vegas strip, the Hangover Heaven bus will gladly pick you up from a number of big name casino/hotels, including the Hard Rock, Paris, Bellagio and Cosmopolitan. Too floored to make the trek down the elevator? Hangover Heaven will send someone up to your room, IV in hand, with services starting at $150. That's certainly more expensive than the usual Vitamin Water and Extra Strength Tylenol regimen, but if it'll take you from zero to hero in under an hour, hardcore party animals could certainly make a case for the added cost.

According to Hangover Heaven, all of the medication and equipment is FDA-approved. Of course, drinking in moderation is always recommended, with the company stating, "Our buses can work magic, but they cannot bring you back from the dead." Scroll down for a high-production-value video testimonial.

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