Excuse me, ma'am... do you smoke?

Health advocacy takes many different forms. Whether it's a quiet reminder from a friend that tobacco use can kill you, a shocking television ad from the likes of the American Lung Association or a bold billboard from the American Cancer Society, it seems like smokers simply can't catch a break. They've been relegated to cramped, sealed-off rooms at (some) airports and banished from bars and restaurants all over the country. Nearly every public space is protected from second-hand smoke, and as a result, smokers themselves are forced to huddle around safe zones like dehydrated animals at a far-flung watering hole.

Still, some individuals chose to carry on with the habit, including a shocking number of young people. No matter what doctors, parents, scientists or even the tobacco companies themselves can convince these individuals that the risks associated with smoking outweigh any potential benefits. What does all this have to do with cars, you ask? Hit the jump to find out how one group of upstanding young men is working to deter smoking in their area.

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