Fortune Hanebrink, based in Big Bear Lake, CA, has come up with a pedal-assist electric bike that can get you through a variety of off-road conditions as well as up a hill with ease. It separates itself from other electric bikes both visually and functionally with its eight-inch-wide tubeless tires that are perfect for gliding over sand. At the highest of its 14 gears, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour on its own, but it can go faster when assisted by the rider with a little pedal power. As Kane Fortune of Fortune Hanebrink told Gizmag:
The motor is geared through the bicycle gearing so we recommend some pedaling to shift gears if you are looking to achieve the maximum speed from the motor. Power shifting is possible though because it is a bicycle we recommend pedaling through a gear shift. As long as you are in the correct bicycle gear, your pedaling will always allow you to add speed with just minor effort. In a great pedal rhythm, riders can reach speeds up to 35 mph.
The bicycle, designed by mountain biking champion Dan Hanebrink, is equipped with a 600-watt brushless electric motor, which was enough power to win the first annual Interbike Hill Climb Challenge, an electric assist bike race up a six percent gradient hill for a third of a mile. Power is supplied by a 10 amp-hour lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery. The battery is supposed to last for an hour of use for each three-hour charge. The rear aluminum rack can hold 100 pounds of cargo or an additional five batteries which would pretty much eliminate range anxiety. Currently, the $5,500 made-to-order, all-terrain hybrid electric bike is only available directly through Fortune Hanebrink, but the company is working to make it available at dealers nationwide and internationally.

[Source: Gizmag via TreeHugger]

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