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We've already revealed Infiniti's plans to offer the M35h hybrid early next year and a performance-oriented electric vehicle (EV) in 2013, but if a report from Autocar pans out to be true, then we'd expect to see the luxury automaker launch a slew of additional hybrids and battery-powered vehicles by the end of the decade. In fact, the report suggests that up to 90 percent of future Inifiniti models will feature either hybrid or pure electric powertrains.

According to the report, the upcoming Infiniti EV is part of the company's far-reaching "CO2 strategy." The automaker apparently plans for hybrid and EVs to account for the vast majority of its sales within the next ten years. Though specific details weren't revealed, Autocar estimates that Infiniti's future lineup will be bolstered by hybrids, a powertrain that may reside in up to 70 percent of the automakers upcoming models. Estimates indicate that 15-20 percent of Infiniti's lineup could be of the pure electric variety, with a lonely internal combustion engine powering the remaining models. If it seems like a stretch to imagine an Infiniti lineup dominated by hybrids and EVs, just remember that nobody thought Porsche would ever give in to the hybrid craze either.

Infiniti M35h
  • Infiniti M35h

[Source: Autocar]

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