Not long after Porsche announced that it would be building the car that ultimately became the Panamera, rumors of a revival of the 928 began. Porsche's last front-engine GT went out of production in 1995, and it certainly would certainly make sense to reuse the new front-engine car platform for a coupe. If the car, which could be called the Panamera GT, does come to fruition, it will likely go on a shorter wheelbase and perhaps be lighter than the four door.
Hopefully, if the coupe is built Porsche's designers will decide that it's no longer necessary to accommodate six-foot-three-inch former CEO Wendelin Weideking in the back seat. That would allow for a far more graceful roof-line than the humpbacked Panamera. Now would be the time to start crossing all those fingers and toes.

[Source: L'Automobile Magazine]

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