BMW has announced a new green label for MINI cars. It's called, wait for it, MINIMALISM. Similar to many other eco labels in other European markets, MINIMALISM can be found on cars that would otherwise be the base model with a few additional improvements that reduce fuel consumption. The first MINI MINIMALISM is nothing but a Mini Cooper D with a PSA-sourced 1.6-liter diesel engine good for 110hp. BMW also applied the complete array of techniques - longer gear ratios, a Stop & Start system, a gear change indicator, improved aerodynamics, low-rolling resistance tires and and an electric oil pump - to lower fuel consumption down to 3.9 l/100 km and get this MINI to emit jsut 104 g/km of CO2, just 3 above the new Honda Insight. The brand has been just released in France, a place where most of the MINI models already qualify for the Government's premium for cleaner cars.

[Source: MINI France]

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